Hello and Welcome Banshees!

..::Welcome to the center of all that is Buckaroux banshees::..

Update 2/12/2014

-- Man does a year go by fast! It doesn't help that I didn't own the domain for a couple of months there either. Oh well! The website is back up. It's a little out of date but that brings the fun of updating. Hopefully a little more regularly! Whats new? Our split with Thatchers 40 nears closer to completion! Banshees material is nearly finished then on to Thatchers. Be sure to check out TriSound Audio Works at the Minnesota Music Factory! Have a good one!

Update 3/12/2013
-- Getting closer to spring finally! We have a couple of cool announcements that we will be making over the next few days, and possibly weeks. To kick things off, Mr. Graske has produced a video for Rude Girl that you are sure to enjoy! Check that out on our media page & at youtube! Keep checking back for more! We will also be sure to put everything up and facebook first, gets updated quicker then our website! Take care fore now!

Update 2/13/2013

-- Well it's been a couple of weeks now and we are glad to see the support we have already been humbly given! Thank you and please help continue to spread the word! Valentines day is a meer two hours away and we felt the need to commemorate such a glorious day with a cover song of some friends of ours, Streetwise Professors! Without further delay, we proudly present Rude Girl!
The full free high quality wav is available on our media page as well. For a lower size MP3 download, please visit our Reverb Nation page as it is free to download/stream there as well.

- Mat has sent our 3 song demo disc out to several radio stations in the state, out of state, and in Canada! There was an immediate contact in return from MSU Manakato! One of the three songs will be featured this friday, Feb 15th, sometime between 7 and 9 pm on the Midwest Beatdown show! Rumor has it, it might be Rude Girl. If you feel like tuning in to hear our first radio play please visit the website HERE to stream the program! that or tune in! Thanks again for all the support and as always, expect to hear more in the near future!